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Songtan Bar Reviews

Bar Girls from StereoWelcome to the Songtan Bar Reviews! Each week our expert bar reviewers work tirelessly to bring you reviews of the bars in Songtan just outside Osan Air Base. Our bar reviewers work tirelessly sampling beer, examining juicy (bar) girls from head to toe, and even going into the worst bars in Songtan, so you don't have to. All of our bar reviews are located on USFK Forums. This allows members to post replies to each review and also provide their 1-5 star rating. Each review will have comments on the bar with pictures so you can get a good idea what the bar is all about. Some common themes reviewed are the bars atmosphere, if the bar has juicy girls or not, the service and anything unique about the bar. We even get our hands dirty and get pictures of the bathrooms!


Each bar is rated by several categories. This gives potential visitors and understanding of several aspects of each bar. Each bar is rated by overall business, atmosphere, music, service, alcohol/food, and extras.

Whisky A-Go-Go DJ
Juice Rating Scale
Each bar is giving a juice rating from one juice (being the worse) to five juices (being the best). The "juice" is derived from the glass the "juicy girls" use to drink their juices (non-alcoholic juices that cost $10). Songtan offers many excellent places to drink, but also some bad ones. This scale was developed to help you distinguish between the good bars and places to avoid.

5 Juices. A five juices rated bar is the highest possible rating. This is the rating all of the bars are striving to get to.
4 Juices. A four juices rated bar is considered the cream of the crop of bars in Songtan. We highly recommend you try this bar.
3 Juices. A three juices rated bar is considered an average bar. It is recommended you at least try this bar, but there are better choices in Songtan.
2 Juices. A two juices rated bar is a below average bar in Songtan. We recommend you avoid this bar. Try some of the other higher-rated bars or feel the pain.
1 Juice. A one juice-rated bar is this lowest possible rating. We strongly recommend you avoid this bar at all costs. If you still visit this bar after reading our review you only have yourself to blame.


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4 Juices and Over
3 Juices and Over
2 Juices and Over
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