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Osan Air Base - Post Office

The main Osan Air Base post office was moved from its old location near the gym in early in 2005 and is now part of the BX. The post office is state-of-the-art and has several customer service windows. Additionally, there is a post office annex located at building 506 near the front gate.

Advance Postal Address

Anyone with orders to Osan Air Base can have a post office box assigned to them prior to arriving the base. You may receive a post office box number 90 days prior to your arrival to Osan. Send two copies of your orders to your sponsor and they will get a post office box for you. The combination will not be given the combination to your post office box. You will receive the combination when you show up to the Osan Air Base post office. If you wish to have your mail forwarded to the Osan Air Base general delivery before you are assigned a post office box, use the address below.

Osan Air Base General Delivery Address

Squadron/Unit #
PSC 3, General Delivery
APO AP 96266




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Osan Air Base Post Office Hours

Main Office

  • Monday - Friday (1000 - 1700)
  • Saturday (0900 - 1630)
  • Sunday (Closed)


  • Monday - Friday (1000 - 1600)
  • Saturday (0900 - 1600)
  • Sunday (Closed)
Appointments are available at the Main Post Office for mailing 7 or more packages, Mon. through Fri.  Please schedule appointments 24 hours in advance by calling 784-4394.
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